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My daughter and I at my sons wedding.

About me

Hi, my name is Kim, I am a 52 year old Mum, Wife and Staffy owner.

Growing up as a dancer I was surrounded by beautiful costumes and was always involved in the sewing process with my Nanna. Nothing was too much for her, it had to sparkle more, be the best on the stage and Nan wasn't happy unless it created a little chatter.

When I became a Dance Mum, I started making my daughter Indi's solo costumes, that quickly progressed and before I knew it I was the sole seamstress for Jaz Flowers Performing Arts for many years. 

I have now reached a new stage in my life where I want to create beautiful things but step away from the stress of deadlines and everything that goes along with custom orders, that's how Ready for Stage was born! I get to create Elite Level Costumes in all genres at a quality you usually only see with custom orders. My costumes are ready to buy, one of a kind, over the top and the attention to detail is like no other. I work alone so I see the process through from fabric selection, to the final stitch, this way I know everything is perfect and every costume truly is made with love! 

Please enjoy browsing all that I have to offer and thank you for finding me here,

 Kim xx

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